Mobile payments reconciliation automation toolkit

If a portion of your day involves watching your phone for mobile money transfers and matching them up with details on another system, you will wonder how you lived life without Gava.

Gava is a combination of software you install on your device and on your website, enabling your system to be fully aware of payments being made, allowing you to automate order fulfilment as necessary.

As an example, this website runs on WordPress. All payments come through to a regular Android device which, because of Gava, allows WordPress to automatically handle order fulfilment whenever a payment is made. Beyond ensuring the Android device is on and connected to the internet, this website is self serve end to end. You can experience Gava by making a $1 purchase of an illustrative product on this page.

Gava will also take care of simple admin for you. Among other tasks, if a customer pays slightly over the amount (because their phone will not allow them to input cents), the order will be fulfilled. If they put in the wrong amount and come up short, and then make another transfer (or several more) to cover the shortfall – Gava will be able to tally all that up. Gava also comes with an admin from which you are able to resolve any other issues.


Gava is the result of years of community collaboration. Starting off a simple proof of concept years ago, the code was shared and deployed in several environments according to specification. In the end, we saw it was better and faster to have a generic platform that can be deployed and integrated with ease into any system. Gava 2 is the current evolution, being a complete rewrite. We’re most excited about Gava 3 coming Q4 2018.

System requirements

If you’re not technical, or would rather have this taken off your hands, let us host Gava for you. It’s only $49 per year and might save you as much as $200 on your annual hosting bill.

Gava 3 is developed in a common and popular programming language (PHP) using the latest Laravel framework. As such, you will need an environment with a very recent version of PHP and support for Composer. This excludes shared hosting. It’s also best to have some form of Continuous Integration in place in order to be able to easily pull down updates.

We recommend a combination of Laravel Forge, Envoyer and a Linode or Digital Ocean VPS.

Supported platforms

You will need an Android device running, at the very least, Android 4.

We have plugins for WHMCS, Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. We also have a PHP client library to do nearly all of the heavy lifting for you.

Gava exposes a technology agnostic API to create checkouts. Your system will be updated of payment status changes via webhook notifications.

Gava will also work well with native mobile applications. As long as you are able to collect the mobile phone number from your users, you will be able to receive payment notifications from Gava without ever having to redirect your users to the checkout page. And if you already have the mobile number they make payments from, all you have to do is issue out a payment instruction.

Licence terms

The price is a once off per-site licence, carrying with it 12 months of access to upgrades. It includes support within scope of what the documentation covers, and does not include integration work or deployment assistance (available as additional services).

All Gava 1 licence holders are automatically entitled to a Gava 2 licence. Let us know if you’re unable to log in and download Gava 2.

Despite being a community led project, paying for Gava 2 allows us to have full time staff for the purposes of ongoing development and maintenance of the platform, which you use for mission critical purposes.